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Net crafting

Specs and Extras



Being of higher density, handles made of Purpleheart are slightly heavier. Colors vary but I do my best to procure the deepest purple.


I select the most unique pieces of Maple to use for my handles. I also use Maple when constructing the hoop of the net.

Curly Maple

Curly maple typically comes from sugar maples but loggers have to cut the tree down to tell if it has the abnormal grain patterns that earn its name.


I use this wood for hoops and handles. Walnut handles are a great selection to get an antique look for your brand new net.


Range in color from a pale yellow-orange to a dark red-brown. This wood has beautiful grain patterns and defined color streaks.

Meet the craftsman

Paul Moberg

My passion for fishing stems from the many times my family took trips up to Northern Minnesota. I have a lot of fond memories spending time out on the boat with my family. I got into fly fishing in the Spring of 2016 in Great Falls, MT. I was a 2Lt in the Air Force working for the ICBM crew force. Anyone who has ever worked a job that is 24/7 365 knows that you take the time to do things you enjoy when it’s available. I decided to try my hand at fly fishing. My in-laws got word of my interest and got me an Echo Base 6wt starter kit for my birthday. I drove over to the Missouri River in Craig MT with a cheap set of waders, my new Echo Base 6wt, and some old oversized tennis shoes. It took me 4 trips until I caught my first fish! A year, and another big move later, a buddy of mine came out to the area and took me out to a small stream where we caught 30+ small brookies on dry flies and I was hooked. From there I explored all over Colorado and Wyoming, slowly getting more detailed and better in my fly presentations. Early in 2020 my wife and two children moved to Bedford, MA and I was determined to find trout. 2020 has been hard on everyone and my family and I were no exception. With negative thoughts always finding their way back, I found some of my most peaceful times were when I was standing in moving water hunting for trout. I had purchased a beautiful net from a local fly shop and after admiring the net for a few days I thought about how hard it would be to make the net myself. My father in-law is a master craftsman and I started picking his brain about things I would need to start making nets. Next thing I know a 9-inch WEN bandsaw showed up at our house and I was committed to seeing it through. Through many failures and long hours out in the shop, I’m really proud of the nets I make today. Spending time handcrafting nets has brought me the same peace of mind I experience out on the stream and the reward is just as sweet. Patience and dedication is required to be successful at anything in life and fly fishing is no exception. I want my nets to help people land their fish with confidence and capture in that moment the same patience and dedication that went into catching that fish. I love fly fishing because of the culture that surrounds it. We are all out there to enjoy nature and face the challenges.

How to order

Using the contact form below, include the following...

Step 1:

Choose a net design

  • Example: “I want the Sword net.”

Step 2:

Include any add-ons if desired

  • Examples:
    • Please include initials “ABC” on the handle.
    • I would like an Adams dry fly cast in the handle.
    • I’d like the following phrase on the inside of the hoop “You miss 100% of fish you don’t hook.”
    • Images - if you’d like an image burned into the handle, indicate that in the email and I’ll get back to you for further questions.

Step 3:

I’ll email you with the cost estimate as well as request a shipping address. Once approved, I’ll send an invoice for payment. Prices range $120 - $165 with $10 shipping. Price depends on the type of wood and any desired custom addons. Custom addons include burned images, burned text and resin casting.

Step 4:

Your new Blue Line Anglers net arrives at the shipping location 2-3 weeks after payment acceptance.

Step 5:

Get out on the water and enjoy it! I love getting pictures of the nets getting the proper love and abuse so please send me photos if you’d like to be featured on the page. If you have an Instagram or Facebook account please tag us!

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